Welcome! I'm Jay Hawkins, a software engineer
from Dayton, Ohio.

Integrated Reality in Real-Time

About Me

I've developed software in Health & Wellness, Health Care, Marketing, Manufacturing, eCommerce, Human Resources, Insurance and Publishing.

I'm currently working with Computer Vision & Deep Learning development and anything that has to do with real-time processing (IoT, Messaging, Video).

Thirty plus years of experience in software development and information systems has allowed me to witness the ever evolving technical landscape, and provided me with the critical insight needed to navigate pathways of the technological challenges I have faced. In all my years of software development, this is by far the most exciting time to be a developer. As we are witnessing, the opportunities technology provides are fast becoming endless.

A Few Technologies I Use To Build Client Solutions

(Short list of technologies I have used recently.)

Javascript Node JS JQuery Vue JS


Deepstream Realtime Server

Realtime Processing

Linux Android






OpenCV Deep Learning

Computer Vision (OpenCV) & Deep Learning

Nginx Apache


LAMP Stack



My Music

In my younger days, I was a "rocker" (I tend to find quite a few technologists out there dabble in music at some point). I've included this section to provide some original music I've written over the years.

*And thanks to my fellow bandmates who helped bring it all to life. It never really leaves your "blood"!*

Check out one of my old bands who got back together and did a 25 year reunion show:   Cryin Out LOUD

All songs written by Jay Hawkins

Demo's from COL circa 1992!


Feel free to contact me!

Jay Hawkins